Website localization is a challenge for professionals. What are the key features of this kind of translation? What should we pay attention to and how can we ensure that the translated website attracts as many potential customers as possible? These are some of the topics we will cover in this article.

The bottom line: your products and services!

The basic rule is to put the products and services you offer in the focus. Quality is what sets you apart from the competition, so emphasize it. It is also that key feature that keeps people coming back to you and buying from your website again and again. But not only. Service also plays a major role in winning customers. When translating a website into English or any other foreign language, place emphasis on the unique message you want to deliver to your customers. Remember, of course, that the price at which you provide your services is also very important.

Products and Services

The details are important!

When translating a website, there are several factors to consider. Keep in mind that your online language performance plays a huge role in establishing your overall image. Nowadays, it is almost unthinkable to conduct any commercial activity without adequate online representation. Adequate representation also requires your website to exist in at least two languages. If the primary language is Bulgarian to address native customers, then the second language is usually English. English has variations, of course, so it’s worth considering whether you want a British or American translation. There aren’t many differences, but if you take them into account, you’ll make a good impression on native speakers. If you also want to address customers from other countries directly, then you might consider translating into another language as well. Modern web technologies allow a website to exist in many versions.


Content Adaptation or Localization

Website translation is an activity in which we not only translate, but also adapt the texts so that they are adequate for the people who will use the products and services abroad. This is generally called localization.

Pay attention to the keywords. They will help you build your advertising strategy and optimize your website properly and effectively. Website translation also requires you to pay attention to the content of the texts themselves. Do NOT present dry information, but think about making the text interesting and engaging in the target language. It is also necessary to optimize the length not only of the texts but also of the individual sentences. This is complex and specific work, which we will pay special attention to if you engage us with the translation.

Basic SEO elements:

At the beginning of the work it is mandatory to plan the translation of:

  • Page headings
  • The website menu
  • The pages and their content
  • The title and description of the meta tags
  • Keywords
  • Url addresses
  • Internal links and internal links to the website
  • The text of the alt tags on the photos

This planning will support your website’s search engine optimization in English.

We Translate, We Localize

Our work

What we will ask you to provide are the text content in Bulgarian as well as the photos (diagrams, pictures, etc.) that you will use. For the purpose of this project we will involve translators and copywriters to produce all the necessary elements for the translation. In addition to English, we can translate and localize your website into German, French, Bulgarian or Spanish, as well as all other European languages.

As a final result, we will make sure that your website is:

  • light and pleasant to read
  • interesting and intriguing
  • grammatically and stylistically sound
  • keeping up with the latest SEO trends and those of digital marketing
  • prompt the user to purchase