Translation Services for Bulgarians Abroad

The Bulgarian diaspora in EU countries such as Germany, Spain and Italy, as well as in countries such as England and USA, is huge. More and more compatriots are finding career development and an optimal environment for their families away from home. The opening of borders has allowed everyone to try their luck somewhere outside Bulgaria. Settling Bulgarians abroad, however, is often associated with numerous bureaucratic hurdles. Many of these require licensed translation of documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, bank statements, diplomas, various professional certificates, educational qualifications as well as any documents with an apostille. Other documents that Bulgarians abroad often have translated with us are medical documents such as hospital certificates and epicrises.

EU languages
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BG Prevod Online for Bulgarians Abroad

BG Prevod has been supporting Bulgarians abroad for years. We translate to all European  languages, the most common being German, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Ukrainian or Turkish. We provide translations and legalization in standard time, but also Express when you need it very fast! Our customers appreciate our flexibility, high quality service, and the fact that we work entirely online. For us, all you have to do is picture or scan the document to be translated and we take over everything after that for you. When we are ready, within the timeframe agreed with our clients residing abroad, we will send the documents via email, Viber, WhatsApp or courier.

Translation of Documents

Translation of documents for members of Bulgarian communities abroad requires careful knowledge of the specifics of the documentation concerned. Also needed are detailed insight into language specifics and accuracy in formatting. This is why we advise Bulgarians abroad who use the services of a translation company to familiarise themselves with the qualifications and experience of the company concerned. We only work with language specialists who have proven their experience and loyalty over time. In this way, we can guarantee our clients – Bulgarians abroad – only the highest quality with a timely response. Of course, translating a birth certificate, a certificate of marital status or a bank statement requires very different skills than translating a medical epicrisis or other medical documents. That’s why the colleagues in our team are highly profiled. This is the only way we can guarantee the best translation services for our compatriots abroad.

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