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Translation and Legalization

We offer you end-to-end translation services that will make your texts sound professional, clear and will enhance your company image. We work with sworn translators in all European languages with a special emphasis on German and English. We can legalize your documents for use in the Republic of Bulgaria or other country where needed. We offer best quality service and always on time!

преводи и легализация
people at a meeting with interpreter


We provide consecutive and simultaneous Interpreting at the best quality for business meetings, conferences and other events. The interpreting services are delivered by our professionals — mostly sworn translators for the respective language pair — in all European languages. In addition, we provide the service of accompanying and assisting foreign guests during their stay in Bulgaria. Request your interpreter here!

Interpreting for notary deals

Interpreting for notary deals is a high-class service that we offer to our clients. In front of а notary you will be accompanied by a qualified and certified sworn interpreter who is going to translate the contents of the conversation and, eventually, sign of the deal. All our translators and interpreters have sufficient skills in such matters and own the documents required by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

at the notary
редакция и корекция

Editing & Proofreading

Let us help you with the formulation, formatting and the clearness of your expression. Our services inslude checking and correction of grammar, spelling, punctuation, style and coherency. From deep editing to formal alterations, we are going to analyze, edit, and proofread your texts with precision to perfection and deliver a highly satisfactory text to your mailbox.

Transcription Services

We offer transcription of audio recordings from meetings, conferences and other events. Transcription as a service is the transformation of speech or audio recording into written text in order to obtain accurate written records. In parallel, we also offer translation of the transcribed text, creating and translating subtitles for movies, clips, ads, and more.

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Катедрала Александър Невски


Make your digital content or texts adapted to the cultural specifications of each region or country so that it speaks effectively to your customers and consumers in their target language! In the localization process we will consider preferences like product and service name localization, writing style & expression, spelling & punctuation, color, shapes and sizes formatting, images and graphics, legal requirements and currency. We deploy native professionals who will modify a text, a campaign or any other material that you want so that it addresses the audience in the best possible way. We localize websites, video games, software applications, books, digital content, slogans, advertising texts and many others.

Content & Copywriting

Not everyone is Goethe or Byron but from every professional is expected high textual and language competence. We can help with this and make your writing inspired, effective, and clear. We will prepare your documents, presentations, scientific researches, advertising materials or other specialized documentation that you need to share online or publish. We will address your customers with direct messages and slogans so they appeal to them. Our primary goal would be to enhance your marketing campaigns so you generate sales. You can trust our content writers and copywriters, who will impress you with their skills and will make your word sound professional and appealing. Say much with our content & copywriting services!

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Digital Marketing

We will support you in preparing your entire digital presence and strategy. We will set up and optimize your Google Ads and social media campaigns, manage your website and pages, create your digital content and copywriting materials, and optimize them for better ranking with the search engines. We will create awareness for your business so you can meet your business goals. This service is offered in Bulgarian, English and German language.

Language & Consulting Services

Phoenix Lingua and our language consultants provide the services Translation & Legalization, Interpreting, Interpreting for Notary deals, Editing & Proofreading, Transcription of Audio and Video, Subtitling, Localization, Transcreation, Content & Copywriting, Digital Marketing, Onboarding of Expats in Bulgaria, Trainings of the cultural specifics of a certain country or region. Working with our language experts will contribute to your desired image and success in the society.


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