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Professional Translation Services

преводи и легализация
Катедрала Александър Невски
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Translation & Legalization

Phoenix Lingua provides end-to-end translation and legalization service that will make your texts sound professional and clear. We work with certified translators with Bulgarian, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Czech and all other European languages etc.


We will make your texts adapted to the cultural specifications and customers of a specific region or country. We localize websites, books, games, software applications, marketing content, slogans, advertising texts and many more.


Our Content & Copywriting service will contribute to your appealing and inspired writing. We will address your customers in an effective way in order to enhance your marketing campaigns. Say a lot with our content & copywriting service!

аудио транскрипция
Editing Proofreading English
устни преводи
 Audio Transcription

Transcription of audio recordings from meetings, conferences and other events. Transcription is the transformation of speech or audio recording into a written text.

Editing & Proofreading

We will edit and proofread your texts to perfection and will help you with the formulation, formatting, grammar, style and the clear expression in your written texts and documentation.


We provide Interpreting at the best quality for business meetings, conferences as well as interpreting for notary deals by certified interpreters.

We are experts in translating from and into German and English

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German 100%
English 95%
French 85%
Czech 90%
professional translation services
“High language competence is a key success factor!”
Dr. phil. Boris Drenkov

Here is what our clients say about us and our work:

“I am very satisfied with the high professionalism and exceptional quality of the translation services into German and English. A trusted partner in language services.”

Vanya Abadzhieva, PhotoMoment

“We are very satisfied with the quality and how swiftly Phoenix Lingua handles all our translation requests as well as with the knowledgeable awareness of the terms specific for our business.”

Emilia Gekova, Sales Manager

Rechtsanwaltkanzlei Dr. Miluscheva


“I am very pleased with the medical content writing services the linguists of Phoenix Lingua did in German language for my website actalingua.de”

Mira Krissel – CEO and Founder


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