Boris Drenkov’s new book on Shakespeare’s Macbeth appeared in the renowned India-British publishing house Roman Books. The book collects essays from acclaimed academic authors from four continents and makes some breakthrough discoveries in the reading of the principal tragedy. The book Macbeth is a part of a series, which will appear under the editorship of Boris Drenkov and which will include also essays on Twelfth Night, Hamlet and Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus.

As Drenkov says in his introduction, the articles in this collection are unified by their ‘touch of the real’, which in some articles is more palpable than in others. All the works assembled here deal with basic questions that are in the core of the Shakespeare play or in its interpretational and adaptation history. They develop these with modern associations, philosophical observations and direct conclusions.

Formally, the essays could be divided in two parts. The first part concentrates on the text as such, the textual implications and ideas as formulated by the author and develop these on the background of recent philosophical, artistic or literary tendencies. The second part of the essays concentrates on the adaptions of Shakespear on the theatrical stage and cinema screen.

This collection of essays dedicated to Macbeth proves the potential and universality of Shakespeare’s ideas, which cross generations, cultural, national and academic boundaries to construct harmonized approaches to a text of never-ending power for provocation.

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