What is a transcription of an audio recording?

Nowadays, the audio recording of speech during interviews, meetings, conferences, court hearings, and others is made much easier than in the past. Thanks to the technological progress we can record speech even with our smart phones.

What is exactly a transcription of an audio recording? This is the transformation of speech or audio recording into typed text in order to achieve accurate written records. The purpose is to archive what has been said at the event so that information can be easily accessed in the future.

The transcription process

The transcription of an audio recording is a process that consists of listening to the audio recording by a professional translator or linguist. After that, the text is rendered in electronic format. The final text is proofread in order for it to be grammatically correct, which includes entering punctuation.

Quality of recording

One of the most important requirements for good transcription is the quality of the recording. The better the recording quality, the better and easier the transcription. If there is more than one speaker, as for example during a live discussion, it is recommended each speaker to present himself with a surname before sharing his view on a topic. In this way the speaker’s contribution can be properly transcribed.

Use of audio transcription

One of the most important uses of audio transcription today is to create a written record of important events. After that the text can then be distributed in various ways, to serve as an evidence, record of a meeting, and so on.

Our team

The translators working for bgPrevod – Phoenix Lingua have experience in audio and video transcription. We offer this service in Bulgarian and all other European languages.