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Борис Дренков

bgPrevod provides to its clients complete professional language services like translation & legalization, localization, editing & proofreading, copywriting, audio transcription and the whole range of services in the linguistic field.

bgPrevod was founded by Dr. Phil. Boris Drenkov first as Phoenix LIngua. Dr. Phil. Boris Drenkov has graduated as a Master of Arts from the Ludwig Miximilians University of Munich, Germany in German and English Philologies. He holds a PhD with honours in English Studies from the same university. He has thought English and German literature throughout Europe and the USA and has multiple publications including monographs and edited collections in Asia, Europe and the USA. Dr. Phil. Boris Drenkov has a long-standing career as an author, translator, content writer and editor and is among the most sough after language experts in Bulgaria.

Our Mission: The mission of bgPrevod is to provide our clients end to end language solutions with the highest quality. We opt for easiest communication ways, which means that, if you wish, we could process your order online. There is no necessity for you to come to our office.

Working with us: We service our clients completely online over the web which will save you time. We will deliver professional language services at a competitive price. But also, you will have the texts that you need in the moment in which you need them. Full confidentiality is natural for us. You can reach us either per e-mail, phone or by using our online form. Each request that is submitted during our working time will be processed within one hour.

Clients’ success: The quality of communication is very often crucial for the success of a company or a personal career. We guarantee the best language services on the Bulgarian market with permanent quality monitoring, trainings, coaching and best process management according to the latest process strategies.

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